Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shower Thoughts #2

I haven't done a Shower Thoughts section in a while so I decided to do one this week.

"I wish we had the ability to dream together with other people. Like multiplayer dreaming". I think by having this ability would be so cool but dangerous at the same time because usually when we dream we don't think about the actions we would do in real life. But sharing a dream with your friend could bring out an epic story to share with everyone.

"I love to sleep but hate going to sleep". This usually happens to me when I'm on Netflix at 12am debating whether i should continue watching another 45 minute episode of 'One Tree Hill'.

"If you weigh 90lb and you eat 10lb of tacos, are you 10% taco?" Hmmm this is what I'm probably going to be on cinco be mayo... 10%taco

"At the end of each day, life should ask us whether we want to 'save changes' " I feel like this will be a thing sometime in the future right before we go to bed. we would have a memory card what will save all the amazing and memorable moments that happened throughout the day. then later, when we are having a bad day we can look back at all the happy moments in our lives.


  1. Wouldn't it be "if you were 100lb and you ate 10 tacos would you be 10% taco?" As opposed to 90Ib?

  2. I have the same issue with Netflix. I usually just knock out, while I'm deciding if I should watch another episode.

  3. I like the multiplayer dreaming idea. I know I'm always dreaming but I never remember what I dreamed. Having someone else in my dream would allow me to ask them later what the dream was about.