Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Signing day

On Wednesday February 3rd, I signed to Anderson University in South Carolina. I will be playing college soccer at a division 2 level and studying biology premed for the next four years. Furthermore to add to the excitement I was invited to travel to Spain with the team 10 days before preseason to help construct some schools and play some matches with the locals. I feel very proud of my self for accomplishing my goals and for once in my life i accomplished something i have worked hard for. now I have to keep my grades up and focus on finishing up club season, then I'm off to college life. in addition, I am applying for a lifeguard job at the Venetian pool, as I have already obtained my lifeguard license for the past 3years. I now need to work on gaining money and maintaining my grades to be able to graduate this June. The pre med biology program in Anderson will allow me to graduate with a bachelor degree and continue to med school at, hopefully, Clemson University to fulfill my goals of becoming an anesthesiologist.

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