Friday, February 19, 2016

Shower thoughts #1

Nothing really exciting happened this week so I decided to do a "Shower Thought's" section. These writings will be absolutely random and will be pulled out of my thoughts or something I have read.

Well lets begin: "In this moment, this is the oldest I've ever been, but I'll never be this young again". This is a scary thought but yes it is reality, we are getting older every second of our lives, and we will never be as young we were a second ago.

"why do they even include 2015 as an option when selecting your birth year online, like you're fresh out the womb ready to join Gmail". I've never understood this option.

"so many pens and pencils don't live out their full writing potential". I've thrown away so many pens and pencils and never thought of this..

"it actually bothers me that their are thousands of really really good songs I will never listen to". This is so true, if you think of it. Their are so many underground artist that haven't had the luck or opportunities as many artist today have had and are playing at a local cafĂ© where their talent will never be exposed to the world.

"showing your newborn children to your parents is the ultimate "look what I made Mom!"" This will probably be me when I have my children and I will hold my baby up like it was the first place trophy I won in 1st grade for being hangman champion.

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  1. Jajaj I really like your last thougt it's funny. These are so deep though. I also hate the fact I can't listen to every song and I too don't understand why 2015 it's an option.