Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week #2

This week has been the first week in a while time that we have had all 5 days of school. It was also the beginning of the game assassin for us seniors. I am not participating in this event, but I'm assisting my friend with capturing her targets. This has involved, luring people to come on lunch dates with me to chicken kitchen then having my friend waiting in the parking lot to capture her target. Or helping her do some major stalking by finding peoples address and figuring out what they do with their lives without acting suspicious. Not going to lie, this game is pretty stressful. I've heard a lot of people have just decided to not leave their house and stay home or the other way around, where people have just not gone home all day and have been avoiding their homes cause there assassins might be waiting for them.  

Other than this exciting game, the weather has been a bit on the bipolar side. Towards the end of the week the weather has been cooler than normal. I'm not complaining, I love the cooler weather. Also, tonight I will be going to the Fall Out Boy concert.. I honestly have heard only 2 songs from them. I'm just baby sitting my 13 year old sister cause she got tickets for her birthday. I'm not to fond of this boy band but ill try to make it enjoyable for myself. I also have never been to the Hard Rock Cafe and that is where the band will be playing tonight, so it will be somewhat of an experience. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Shower thoughts #1

Nothing really exciting happened this week so I decided to do a "Shower Thought's" section. These writings will be absolutely random and will be pulled out of my thoughts or something I have read.

Well lets begin: "In this moment, this is the oldest I've ever been, but I'll never be this young again". This is a scary thought but yes it is reality, we are getting older every second of our lives, and we will never be as young we were a second ago.

"why do they even include 2015 as an option when selecting your birth year online, like you're fresh out the womb ready to join Gmail". I've never understood this option.

"so many pens and pencils don't live out their full writing potential". I've thrown away so many pens and pencils and never thought of this..

"it actually bothers me that their are thousands of really really good songs I will never listen to". This is so true, if you think of it. Their are so many underground artist that haven't had the luck or opportunities as many artist today have had and are playing at a local cafĂ© where their talent will never be exposed to the world.

"showing your newborn children to your parents is the ultimate "look what I made Mom!"" This will probably be me when I have my children and I will hold my baby up like it was the first place trophy I won in 1st grade for being hangman champion.

Friday, February 12, 2016

This week #1

This week has been fairly long and full of exams. I had multiple test in AP calculus, a test in marine biology, and a test in AP art history. I did well on my AP calc exams, I got a B on my Art history test and my marine biology test still hasn't been graded. On Tuesday I accomplished a job interview for the Venetian pool lifeguarding position for March, so I will be starting during the spring break time. Then the rest of the week was dedicated to preparing for Weston Cup (a soccer tournament). My team and I usually end up winning 1st place and if we win this year it will be the 4th time in a row we win this tournament.  The fact that this will be our last local tournament has settled in all of us, which has motivated us to win this tournament even more. The tournament starts Friday night with an 8pm game vs. Sunrise, then Saturday 5pm game vs. Brevard soccer alliance, following that will be a late morning game on Valentines day vs. GFP Stykers from New Jersey, finally, depending on the results of the weekends' games , I will play a bright and early 8am championship game. I have faith in my team and I know we can add another championship to our title.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Signing day

On Wednesday February 3rd, I signed to Anderson University in South Carolina. I will be playing college soccer at a division 2 level and studying biology premed for the next four years. Furthermore to add to the excitement I was invited to travel to Spain with the team 10 days before preseason to help construct some schools and play some matches with the locals. I feel very proud of my self for accomplishing my goals and for once in my life i accomplished something i have worked hard for. now I have to keep my grades up and focus on finishing up club season, then I'm off to college life. in addition, I am applying for a lifeguard job at the Venetian pool, as I have already obtained my lifeguard license for the past 3years. I now need to work on gaining money and maintaining my grades to be able to graduate this June. The pre med biology program in Anderson will allow me to graduate with a bachelor degree and continue to med school at, hopefully, Clemson University to fulfill my goals of becoming an anesthesiologist.