Thursday, January 28, 2016

Regional semi-finals (high-school soccer)

District Camps 2016


It's 5:46pm about 2hours before we face Lourdes on the Columbus field. Lourdes knocked us out of our season last year and tonight is going to be a major comeback game WHEN we win. I'm a little nervous because high school season is coming to a close. but i will use this nervousness as motivation. if we win this game we will play against a Broward team, most likely Cypress then after that is straight to STATES!


it's the day after the big game.. and words couldn't explain the feelings i had toward the ending of last nights game. Lourdes will continue on the road to states taking a 1-0 lead against us. Breaking our undefeated street of 21-1, they scored off of a lousy penalty kick cause of a "hand ball" in our box in the last 10mins of the match. it was hard walking off the field with my high school team for the last time  and not knowing at the beginning of the game that i will never do our team huddle/prayer ever again. As now an alumni of the lady panther soccer team, I can truly say that I wouldn't have wanted to spend my four years of high school, playing the game I love, with any other team. I have gained experience and memories I will hold for a lifetime.


  1. You guys made it really far! Its a shame Lourdes beat you guys in this game.

  2. You guys had such a great season. The penalty was so lame and you guys should've won.

  3. you guys had an amazing season. not many can say they went undefeated. 21-0 (I don't count it as a loss because it was a bs call)

  4. So humbled to be part of a school that has such amazing athletes like you! Amazing!

  5. I know how it feels to play with not only amazing athletes but amazing friends, so my best advice is to enjoy every moment and train super hard. More successful adventures will come in the future.

  6. you guys had an amazing season, congratulations!!