Thursday, May 26, 2016

the last post

im not to sure what to blog about in this last post. these past couple months we, as a class, have been posting about our topics every friday and it all comes down to this last post to end it all. we are all anticipating graduation day, 5 days left, and it is a bitter sweet feeling. the memories that have been made in these four years have molded us into the individual we are today. the people we see in these last 5days, will probably be for the last time. the teachers that have guided us and have supported us, will most likely never see our faces again. the scars of fence jumping to go get food or to simply get out, will be with us forever. i will miss high school but I'm ready to move on and start this new chapter of my life.... goodbye palmetto

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week #4

These past couple of weeks have been pretty smooth, school wise. I had two AP test (AP art history and AP calculus AB) and my easiest one out of the both of them has to be art history. I was never the best at calculus, I honestly regret taking the course over all but all that matters is that it is over. Now that testing is over I've been in the auditorium every other day because my teachers have been proctoring test for the past two weeks. it's just the countdown to graduation every senior is anticipating for. These last couple weeks I'm focusing more on my job and college soccer to mentally prepare my self for the future. I'm going to miss high school and all the lessons it has taught me but it has made me a better person and that's all that matters.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


This is it. This is the night you've been dreaming of since you were a freshman. Maybe you went to prom last year or the year before that but none of that compares to THIS being YOUR senior prom. This is your night to shine and enjoy your senior year. Soon enough, you will be walking across that stage receiving your diploma and ending your high school career. Make the most of your night to remember.
Please don't stress over trying to find the perfect date. Who cares if your crush doesn't ask you out? It won't matter after you graduate from high school. It's not the end of the world if you end up going stag to prom. There is nothing wrong with going with all of your friends. Enjoy the night with your friends as this is probably one of the last things you get to all enjoy in high school together. If your promposal isn't big and extravagant, don't worry! I'm sure whoever asks you put a lot of thought into how they were going to do it. If your date doesn't match your dress color exactly, don't freak out. Neutrals are your best friend so I'm sure you will find one that matches your dress close enough.
Find a dress that you love and that makes you feel most confident. Don't worry if someone else is wearing the same dress as you. Both of you can still rock the same dress and look amazing!! You also want to make sure that this dress is comfortable. Who wants to spend their whole prom night constantly puling up their strapless dress? On the note of comfortable, for all that is good in your life please find some comfortable shoes to wear! Chances are that you're not going to wear your shoes once you start dancing.
Your hair, makeup, and nails are your preference. If you want an extravagant up-do, make sure you bring spare bobby pins and remember how many you put in your hair. Wear whatever amount of makeup you want. Don't let society try and tell you how you should do your makeup. Get together with your friends and get ready.
Years down the line, long after you have graduated college, you don't want to look back at your senior prom and think of all of the things you worried about. You'll want to remember all of the fun times you had with your friends making the most of your senior year. Take as many pictures as you can! You want to remember this night and be able to show your children one day what you looked like at your senior prom. You can get married three or four times but prom is a once in a lifetime experience. You'll never get another senior prom so make the most of this one night. Make it count.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shower Thoughts #2

I haven't done a Shower Thoughts section in a while so I decided to do one this week.

"I wish we had the ability to dream together with other people. Like multiplayer dreaming". I think by having this ability would be so cool but dangerous at the same time because usually when we dream we don't think about the actions we would do in real life. But sharing a dream with your friend could bring out an epic story to share with everyone.

"I love to sleep but hate going to sleep". This usually happens to me when I'm on Netflix at 12am debating whether i should continue watching another 45 minute episode of 'One Tree Hill'.

"If you weigh 90lb and you eat 10lb of tacos, are you 10% taco?" Hmmm this is what I'm probably going to be on cinco be mayo... 10%taco

"At the end of each day, life should ask us whether we want to 'save changes' " I feel like this will be a thing sometime in the future right before we go to bed. we would have a memory card what will save all the amazing and memorable moments that happened throughout the day. then later, when we are having a bad day we can look back at all the happy moments in our lives.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break 2016

This spring break was rather relaxing. I didn't do much other than get my lifeguard license at the beginning  of the week then watch endless episodes of New Girl on Netflix. Toward the end of the week I called up some of my friends to hit the beach and that's when I turned into a rip tomato (major sunburn). I clearly didn't apply any sunscreen and that didn't end up well. This Sunday is Easter and I plan to start the morning off at the morning mass in Deering Estate then probably go back home for a home cooked breakfast made by my uncle. Before that happens, on Saturday my family and I plan to drive down to the Keys for a relaxing day. Well I hope all of you are having a splendid spring break and can't wait to see you at 9:30am on Monday (:

Friday, March 18, 2016


Now that my soccer schedule has been easing up and school work was only been involving review work. I decided to look for a job. I've had my lifeguard license for four years now but I haven't really put it to use until now. I found a job opening at the Venetian Pool that will give me an opportunity to exercise my skills and get paid a decent amount for the time being. 
Training started on Tuesday and ends tomorrow (Saturday) from 4pm to 9pm. The first day of training I didn't think much of it and thought I was going to fly by this class. The class stated with 9 people and now on the fourth day was have 5 people left. my instructor, Michael, is no joke. On the first day three students came in four minutes late and made them do 20 pushups each. He also insisted that we say our names before we answer a question or ask a question, if not 10 pushups. On the second day of training Michael heard someone blowing their whistle after class the night before after he specifically told us not to blow our whistles unless he tells us or in an emergency. Our punishment was a 2min plank and pushups on his count, then we went to the sandy area of the pool and dug our whistles into the sand, ran a sprint, find our whistles in the sand, then blow two emergency whistles, we did this about four times. From that point on nobody dared to blow their whistles for entertainment.  

Overall after all the reviewing I feel that I am doing all the skill work correctly and actually understanding all of the techniques, Michael has been teaching me and am fully prepared for my exam on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Senior Picnic

Senior Picnic was held at Zoo Miami this year. Personally I haven't been there since I was 5 years old so I was pretty excited to go. going with all my friends really made the experience worthwhile. the seniors were taken out of second period around 8:30am to go to the gym, where we were checked in and placed on buses by alphabetical order. I sat next to four of my good friends and enjoyed the bus ride taking pictures and thinking about the food they will be serving. once we got to the Zoo the food wasn't ready so my friends and I walked around looking at all the exotic animals. I was excited to see the Otters and the Wildcats like the Jaguar and Leopard. Sadly most of the animals were asleep or put way. We continued walking around the Zoo until we got hungry and my friends and I came back to the picnic area and ate BBQ. After that we played with the different gems they had set such as rock climbing, volleyball, frisbee, an inflatable war thing, and an inflatable jumping thing. by 12:45pm we were told to head back to the bus to go back to school. 

Overall I had a fun and memorable time with my friends looking at all the different animals. I don't really expect to go back to the zoo only because I don't like seeing the animals all sad in cages, I'd rather travel the world and see them in person.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

This Week #3

This week went by pretty fast, but I'm not complaining. This past weekend I went rock climbing at X-treme Rock Climbing with one of my best friends. We didn't have much money so we did bouldering which is rock climbing with out being attached to the rope. At first it was pretty intimidating but after multiple tries we both made it to the top. The most challenging part was where to place your hands/feet with a good grip. Without a good grip it was almost impossible to make it to the top. We hopefully plan to go again with bit more money to be able to do the class and do the bigger walls. I would really recommend going if you want to do something different. Sometime in the near future we also plan to go paint balling with our group of friends. Since most of us are going away for college we want to do as much as possible together to remember these fun and exciting times before reality hits.

Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week #2

This week has been the first week in a while time that we have had all 5 days of school. It was also the beginning of the game assassin for us seniors. I am not participating in this event, but I'm assisting my friend with capturing her targets. This has involved, luring people to come on lunch dates with me to chicken kitchen then having my friend waiting in the parking lot to capture her target. Or helping her do some major stalking by finding peoples address and figuring out what they do with their lives without acting suspicious. Not going to lie, this game is pretty stressful. I've heard a lot of people have just decided to not leave their house and stay home or the other way around, where people have just not gone home all day and have been avoiding their homes cause there assassins might be waiting for them.  

Other than this exciting game, the weather has been a bit on the bipolar side. Towards the end of the week the weather has been cooler than normal. I'm not complaining, I love the cooler weather. Also, tonight I will be going to the Fall Out Boy concert.. I honestly have heard only 2 songs from them. I'm just baby sitting my 13 year old sister cause she got tickets for her birthday. I'm not to fond of this boy band but ill try to make it enjoyable for myself. I also have never been to the Hard Rock Cafe and that is where the band will be playing tonight, so it will be somewhat of an experience. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Shower thoughts #1

Nothing really exciting happened this week so I decided to do a "Shower Thought's" section. These writings will be absolutely random and will be pulled out of my thoughts or something I have read.

Well lets begin: "In this moment, this is the oldest I've ever been, but I'll never be this young again". This is a scary thought but yes it is reality, we are getting older every second of our lives, and we will never be as young we were a second ago.

"why do they even include 2015 as an option when selecting your birth year online, like you're fresh out the womb ready to join Gmail". I've never understood this option.

"so many pens and pencils don't live out their full writing potential". I've thrown away so many pens and pencils and never thought of this..

"it actually bothers me that their are thousands of really really good songs I will never listen to". This is so true, if you think of it. Their are so many underground artist that haven't had the luck or opportunities as many artist today have had and are playing at a local cafĂ© where their talent will never be exposed to the world.

"showing your newborn children to your parents is the ultimate "look what I made Mom!"" This will probably be me when I have my children and I will hold my baby up like it was the first place trophy I won in 1st grade for being hangman champion.

Friday, February 12, 2016

This week #1

This week has been fairly long and full of exams. I had multiple test in AP calculus, a test in marine biology, and a test in AP art history. I did well on my AP calc exams, I got a B on my Art history test and my marine biology test still hasn't been graded. On Tuesday I accomplished a job interview for the Venetian pool lifeguarding position for March, so I will be starting during the spring break time. Then the rest of the week was dedicated to preparing for Weston Cup (a soccer tournament). My team and I usually end up winning 1st place and if we win this year it will be the 4th time in a row we win this tournament.  The fact that this will be our last local tournament has settled in all of us, which has motivated us to win this tournament even more. The tournament starts Friday night with an 8pm game vs. Sunrise, then Saturday 5pm game vs. Brevard soccer alliance, following that will be a late morning game on Valentines day vs. GFP Stykers from New Jersey, finally, depending on the results of the weekends' games , I will play a bright and early 8am championship game. I have faith in my team and I know we can add another championship to our title.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Signing day

On Wednesday February 3rd, I signed to Anderson University in South Carolina. I will be playing college soccer at a division 2 level and studying biology premed for the next four years. Furthermore to add to the excitement I was invited to travel to Spain with the team 10 days before preseason to help construct some schools and play some matches with the locals. I feel very proud of my self for accomplishing my goals and for once in my life i accomplished something i have worked hard for. now I have to keep my grades up and focus on finishing up club season, then I'm off to college life. in addition, I am applying for a lifeguard job at the Venetian pool, as I have already obtained my lifeguard license for the past 3years. I now need to work on gaining money and maintaining my grades to be able to graduate this June. The pre med biology program in Anderson will allow me to graduate with a bachelor degree and continue to med school at, hopefully, Clemson University to fulfill my goals of becoming an anesthesiologist.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Regional semi-finals (high-school soccer)

District Camps 2016


It's 5:46pm about 2hours before we face Lourdes on the Columbus field. Lourdes knocked us out of our season last year and tonight is going to be a major comeback game WHEN we win. I'm a little nervous because high school season is coming to a close. but i will use this nervousness as motivation. if we win this game we will play against a Broward team, most likely Cypress then after that is straight to STATES!


it's the day after the big game.. and words couldn't explain the feelings i had toward the ending of last nights game. Lourdes will continue on the road to states taking a 1-0 lead against us. Breaking our undefeated street of 21-1, they scored off of a lousy penalty kick cause of a "hand ball" in our box in the last 10mins of the match. it was hard walking off the field with my high school team for the last time  and not knowing at the beginning of the game that i will never do our team huddle/prayer ever again. As now an alumni of the lady panther soccer team, I can truly say that I wouldn't have wanted to spend my four years of high school, playing the game I love, with any other team. I have gained experience and memories I will hold for a lifetime.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

regiaonal quater finals (highschool soccer)


It is right now 4:47pm. In 2 hours and 6 minutes  I will be playing one of the biggest games in my high school soccer career. this year I have been honored the captain position with two of my other team mates and have had an undefeated streak this season with 20-0-0. tonight, as a team, we plan to beat coral gables to continue our path to states. to be honest I am a little nervous because a lot of people are planning to attend but that is the least of my worries. I mentally have to be ready, because we are undefeated for a reason and no team can take that way from us right now. it is 4:55pm and time get ready to kick some butt.


To semi finals we go! we won tonight 5-0 and we will now continue our undefeated streak of 21-0-0. a lot of fans came out today to watch us, which brought life to the game. I am so excited and blessed to be able to have this experience with such an awesome team by my side. tonight we fought hard and fearless making us the winner of tonight's match. these next couple days are going to be crucial for recovery and getting our self's mentally and physically prepared for Tuesday!